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Meet Nino, he is a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd (mix).  Best guess he is about 2yrs old.  He is up to date on his vaccines and neutered.  Currently Nino is registered in a 4-week board and train program to learn some basic manners as it seems he was never taught any. He is a strong muscled dog and he will do best in a forever home with experienced Belgian and/or Shepherd owners.  He does OK with most dogs BUT he needs proper introductions (this is another area he is learning in training.)  He wants to have a protective side to him (again the shepherd in him) so he needs a strong alpha household where he knows he does not need to be this role. Nino would make a great hiking, running, buddy!  Nino would love to have a foster family/adopter waiting to accept him form his training program on Jan 30th.


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Another wonderful cat left to fend for herself, manages to find her way to a well-fed feral colony where she stands out as social. She is probably almost 2 years old.  Really wonderful lady takes her in until we have space.  Sonny is a beautiful short haired tabby girl, waiting patiently for someone who will give her the life she deserves.  Do come and meet her.  She is
doing fine with the other cats – even plays with others.  But she is still unsure with people. If you approach slowly, she loves pets.  Brown tabbies are thought to be the best all around cat you can add to you life.  Currently at EAPL’s Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.  Worth a stop to meet Sonny and all the other wonderful cats available for adoption.

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Mystery is an 8 1/2 year old beautiful long haired Brown/Black Tabby.  She was a stray who began eating at a colony and a rescue group took her in.  Her foster mom says: “She was a mess when we pulled her from the colony, really dirty and matted.  This is a sweet and loving cat who loves to be brushed and petted.”  She has been with EAPL for over a year, which is way too long.  After being abandoned, it would be wonderful to help this girl into a better life, but unfortunately she has regressed from the stress of being in an environment with a bunch of cats and she is doing poorly in the cat room.  She has become reactive.  Once she is adopted, we are sure she will go back to being the sweet, loving cat she was.  Come take a look at

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Meet our sweet gal Brandy!  She is about 7ish years old (we guesstimated a birthday of 12/8/2012.) She weighs 66 pounds. She is just a tad timid at first meetings, but a sweetheart once she knows you. She is good with everything but we don’t know about cats. She doesn’t seem to have that cat chasing drive. Her ear flops because she has a hematoma. Unfortunately it has scared/calloused so badly it cannot be repaired per our vet.  The foster’s thoughts on this little girl.  Such a kind and gentle girl, very smart and easy to train, she will be great in a home with kids and or another dog would be best, she could take cats or leave them. She walks great on a leash however she gets very nervous when humans approach when she’s on a walk she has a tendency to sit down when she doesn’t want to go, but if you give her a gentle pull she will come a long or you can just wait if you have the time.


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Meet Pilot, he is about 7 months old. We are guesstimating a birthday of 6/17/2019.  We are told that mom was a Boxer mix with maybe a little Shepherd in there (his coat is so soft to pet.)  He is currently about 38 pounds, neutered and very striking with his brindle coat.  He has the sweetest golden eyes!   He is socialized (loves pets!), good with people and other dogs… kitties are unknown. He will cuddle all day long in your lap next to you if you let him!  His favorite place to be is with you.  He would like a yard, an active family and LOTS of cuddle time.


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FROM THE ORIGINAL RESCUE: “Rio is the best orange boy.  He and Raffles were found alone in a house by a cleaning crew sent in to clean up after an eviction. So they were left without food for several days.  Rio is about 2 1/2 years old and is social, tho he does like napping.  The pictures don’t really do him justice.  He’s a dark ginger boy with beautiful almost rust stripes down his back.

Rio was adopted and did fabulously with the kids and adults in the house, but he may have not liked the dog in the adoptive home, so he was returned.  He has settled into his home at the EAPL Cat Adoption Center hosted by Chow Down in Evergreen.  Make it a point to meet him when you visit.  A cat application submitted on our website – www.eapl.com – will get you approved so you can take Rio home.  He is quite the love.


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MAX…. is a very sweet  TALL boy… He was left behind when owners moved and can you believe he has been in jail since the beginning of last summer….OMG.  EAPL heard about his story and we just had to take him out so we could help him find his forever home!  Max is doing wonderful in his foster home with the other dogs.  Kitties are unknown.  Due to his size he could known down tiny-tots just turning around lol so FYI..Have you been looking for a handsome adult dog – he is estimated to be about 2yrs old we gave him a birthday of 11/13/2017.  Put in an application today to meet him.
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A wonderful couple up in Ft. Morgan have been doing rescue for some years, and like other rescues, have found they have more cats rescued than homes available.  They reached out for help in placing a couple of those cats in rescues that have a wider field of adopters.  Stripe was one of the cats they found.  She is a short haired brown and black tabby girl, who is about two and 1/2.  She did well in her previous situation, but it can be overwhelming for these poor babies to adjust with every move.  She is not happy in the Adoption Center with the other cats and she does stick to herself.  She can be reactive when she has had enough pets.  She has been with us for about 7 months and is really ready for a home…  She just needs a place to feel loved and secure.   To meet her, visit the EAPL Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.  You just might be her new human.