About the Evergreen Animal Protective League

About the Evergreen Animal Protective League

by cathleen timmons

Our Organization

The Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) was organized in April, 1981 to aid lost, abandoned, and suffering animals through rescue, shelter, and education.  Since that time, the League has provided a better life for thousands of cats, dogs, and other pets.

Some Facts

            • We are totally volunteer for all our rescue operations. The majority of our members work during the day and do their volunteer work in the evenings and on weekends. There are NO paid directors, employees, or volunteers for rescue operations.
            • We operate a retail Thrift Store whose profits go entirely to the rescue operations of EAPL.  The Thrift Store is staffed by 3 part-time employees and many caring volunteers.
            • We are not supported by taxes. All funding comes from donations from the public, from fund raising activities, and from our retail Thrift Store. We do not make money from adoption fees. Adoption fees do not even cover the cost of advertising the pet, let alone vet care, etc.
            • Because we must raise our own funds to operate, we depend upon the Evergreen community for contributions and for volunteer assistance.
            • We are a non-profit organization recognized for tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. Our tax exempt number is 74-2204391. If you are contemplating donating to us you may use this number.
            • We rescue and shelter (if space is available) abandoned pets.
            • We adopt pets not claimed by anyone to new homes.
            • We reunite lost pets with their owners through lost and found records.
            • We assist financially with neutering of pets, and we educate pet owners about neutering whenever possible.
            • We educate adults wherever possible about proper care of pets.
            • We provide educational programs in the elementary schools.
            • We provide pet registration tags for pets.
            • We conduct fund raising activities to finance our programs.
            • We are a good source for information on pet behavior problems, but do not consider ourselves a replacement for a veterinarian.
            • We help animals in any way that we possibly can.


EAPL is a foster-based rescue organization and does not have a shelter facility that houses all of our available animals.  Most of our animals are in loving foster homes located in Evergreen, nearby mountain communities, and along the Front Range Corridor.  We do have a one room adult cat only CAT ADOPTION CENTER located in Chow Down Pet Supply Store in the Bergen Park Shopping Center in Evergreen.  The room for the CAT ADOPTION CENTER is very generously donated to EAPL by the owners of Chow Down Pet Supply Store.

EAPL also operates a retail Thrift Store located at 27888 Meadow Drive near downtown Evergreen (across the street from Da Kind Soups).  All the profits from the Thrift Store benefit the EAPL rescue operations.

EAPL can be reached by:

phone at 303-674-6442

via email at eaplevergreen@eapl.com

or by mail at P.O. Box 2517, Evergreen, CO  80437-2517


EAPL is licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture under their Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) as an animal rescue operation.  Please contact EAPL or PACFA to view our animal statistics.  Our Cat Adoption Center in Chow Down Pet Supply Store in Bergen Park is licensed separately by PACFA as an animal shelter.  Please contact EAPL directly for the animal statistics for our Cat Adoption Center.


Evergreen Animal Protective League is a 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service since 1981.  Our EIN # is 74-2204391.

EAPL is not supported by any federal, state, or local government funding or taxes.  Most of our income is received from our very generous supporters throughout Evergreen and the surrounding mountain communities, throughout the Front Range Corridor, throughout Colorado, and from many supporters out of state.  In addition, EAPL receives income from our adoption fees, from the profit at our retail Thrift Store, and from a few small grants.

EAPL’s largest expense for our rescue operation is for veterinary services for the animals that we rescue and for animals owned by people needing assistance so their animals can remain in their homes and not be relinquished.  EAPL is one of the few shelters that take in “special needs” animals (broken limbs, heartworms, etc.) along with the many healthy animals and consequently, our costs for veterinary services are generally higher than many other rescue organizations that are not able to take in these types of animals.  The rescue operations for EAPL are performed entirely by uncompensated volunteers, including Board members.  EAPL’s Thrift Shop, whose profits go entirely to the rescue operations, is run by 1 full-time and 2 part-time employees, the only paid folks in EAPL.

Fiscal Year 2019 Income*:  $520,678

            • Public Contributions including Fundraising:  62%
            • Program Service Fees:  23%
            • Thrift Shop Profit:  9%
            • Grants:  6%

Fiscal Year 2019 Expenses*:  $372,731

            • Veterinary Services:  61%
            • Spaying & Neutering:  13%
            • Other Program Services: 15%
            • Fundraising:  4%
            • Operating Costs:  6%

* The Fiscal Year 2019 Income and Expenses are approximate and reflect only the rescue operations of EAPL and do not include the total income and expenses of the EAPL Thrift Shop (only the profit).  Because EAPL files a consolidated IRS Form 990, administrative costs on the 990 appear higher because of the salaries and expenses of operating the retail Thrift Store.  NO volunteer or EAPL Board member receives compensation so over 94% of the funds we receive goes directly to helping the animals–the remainder is for phones, office supplies, website, etc. to run the rescue operations.  For more detail, the public versions (no schedules) of our 2016 Form 990 , 2017 Form 990, 2018 Form 990, and 2019 Form 990 are available.

So many make EAPL the amazing team that it is…


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Evergreen Animal Protective League – EAPL
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