Registering Your Pet

Registering Your Pet

by cathleen timmons

Registering Your Pet with E.A.P.L

All pets should have collars with identification tags. If your dog gets lost and doesn’t have a tag, chances are that you will never see him again. In fact, in a study on strays, only 16% of the nations 3.8 million stray dogs ever make it home again. That’s a lot of healthy, happy, lovable companion animals that will need new homes — homes which aren’t usually available.

You can give your best friend a one-way ticket home, a FREE identification tag from the E.A.P.L.

They can be picked up at:

Chow Down

1260 Bergen Parkway Evergreen – located in the Bergen Village Shopping Center, across from King Soopers.

Busters Natural Pet Supply

10875 US Hwy 285 Unit C 101-102 Conifer, CO 80433 in the Staples shopping center.

EAPL Thrift Shop

27888 Meadow Drive  Evergreen, CO  80439 across from Da Kind Soups

The registration form that you complete has information that will allow us to return your pet to you very quickly, and includes the names of friends or relatives that can be called in the event we cannot reach the owner.

We are not closed on weekends or nights and can trace the tags almost any time of the day or night. So why not make sure you’ll never be apart. Get ’em tagged! It’s their one-way ticket home.

Show you care. Identify your pets!