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Dolly is a sweet 10 year old.  From previous owner: “I am a small, green-eyed Brown Tabby girl with a lovely personality.  I love people and will follow you anywhere you go in the house, keeping you company. I adore my toys (particularly feathers and strings) and talk to you, when you talk to me. If you don’t say hello I will butt your hand with my tiny head until you do. If you brush me I will purr in appreciation.”  Dolly is not quite as loving in the Adoption Center as she is not real happy being there. I am sure she will revert to true form in a home. Currently residing at the Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.

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This boy’s story will break your heart – please know that he is now saved and safe and on his way to EAPL – Chance is not a very big fur-kid he weighs about 18 pounds.  We are guessing some kind of hound mix?  This poor baby lived his first year of his life in a 5 x 5 foot pen.  He doesn’t know much about playing right now so he needs to learn — he would benefit from another fur friend to play with and even older kids 8+ that will play with him and teach him.  When he is turned out for exercise in his temporary foster home —  he just runs 100 mile an hour.  He needs a secure yard (BIG) to run and play in.  He would make a great running partner.  He is a sweet sweet puppy about 1 year old.  He is good with children / most other dogs  that do not try to hurt him or rush him too fast (remember all that he has known is a 5×5 pen)  and he loves people and pets.

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Poor Pixie, a very sweet 8 1/2 year old gray and white girl, has been with us for a YEAR.  She was abandoned when her owners moved away and left many animals left behind, so animal control got involved.  However no one realized that Pixie had been left until she showed up at a neighbors house.  She has come into her own and is just a great cat.  She loves to be pet and responds very well to love and attention.  Not a mean bone in her body to people – doesn’t like female cats very much.  Pixie deserves a chance for a forever home.  Now housed at our Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.

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Can you say lover? This little guy, well he’s a puppy so he is still growing, is doing GREAT in his foster home. He’s adaptable and smart and a cutie pie! He is learning some manners, because he was a stray and who knows where he came from prior to getting to EAPL, but he’s learning quickly! He gets along with his foster sibling and just seems to be a happy go lucky boy. As a larger breed, Jack would do best in a home with a yard, even with an active person, this boy is going to need a little freedom to roam (of course with a fence!).

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Baby was rescued from a shelter where their main option is to adopt out as barn cats.  Many times they find cats brought to their shelter that are social or have the ability to be socialized and they want to give them a better life.  From their volunteers: “Baby is a 3 yr old female brought to the shelter from a hoarding home. She is friendly with shelter staff, albeit a little shy at first meeting”.  Baby is now at our Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen, where she is still shy, but is coming out of her shell and loves pets and attention.

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Scooter is a Chihuahua, he is about 10 yo (best guess, we gave him a birthday of 6/14/2007) and he is currently 7 pounds. Things looked pretty bad for Scooter when his person developed dementia and forgot to feed him and his Great Dane brother.  It all took a turn for the worse when he was discovered and taken to a high kill shelter. Thanks to the kind ladies that reach out to rescues from these shelters, Scooter and his brother made it to fosters but not together. Now, Scooter is so happy to eat again but no doubt, missing his person and his brother. He is looking much better after a few meals but still has a long way to go.  Scooter gets along with every dog and the cat and he really enjoys being next to a person. This little guy is just about 7 years old and is a gentle, loving sole. It is our hope for him that he can find a forever person and maybe even a big brother again.