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Dolly is a sweet 10 yr old.  From her previous owner:  “I am a small, green-eyed brown tabby girl with a lovely personality.  I love people and will follow you anywhere you go in the house, keeping you company.  I adore my toys (particularly feathers and strings) and I will talk to you when you talk to me.  If you don’t say hello, I will butt your hand with my tiny head until you do.  If you brush me, I will purr in appreciation.”  Dolly is not quite as loving in the Adoption Center as she is not real happy being there, but we are sure she will revert to true form in a loving home.  Currently residing at the Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.

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Meet Scout!  He is a male Shar Pei mix.  The shelter tells us he is about 2 yrs. old, 62 lbs., and he is good with other dogs and people!  And, he has a glowing report from his new foster home.  This just in from his EAPL foster home  Need help around the house?  Kids making a mess?  Leftovers in the fridge?  Let me introduce myself–my name is Scout and I am her to assist you.  I specialize in walking children and taking them to the park, helping clear the table of any leftovers, including chicken nuggets which are my favorite, and finding and devouring any sort of food particles left on the floor.  I will even go the extra mile to mop up the spot with my tongue!  Not to toot my own horn, but I was also best in my class for chasing rabbits out of the yard.  I am 62 lbs. of love that is ready to snuggle you on those cold lonely nights.

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Nacho (or Mr. Nacho as his foster mom calls him) has a fun name that matches his personality.  He is a male Chihuahua/Doxie mix–a design doggie:  Chiweenie mix!.  He is about 2-3 yrs and just 12 lbs.  How cute is he–he fits in your hand!  He has been tested with other dogs and he did just wonderful.  Kitties are unknown, BUT let’s face it, most cats are bigger than he is.  Children are unknown at this time.  This just in from his foster home:  Wow, what a cutie.  We picked him up a collar and little sweater.  He walks really well on a leach and goes in his kennel to eat without any problems.  Came in very friendly to our dogs and us and doing really well in the house!  He is very gentle and absolutely loves to be pet, especially belly rubs and those ears need a good scratch.

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Honeybun, an 11 yr. old brown tabby boy has a wonderful disposition–he is very, very gentle, but will play with some cats.  A bit imposing at first meet because he is a big boy.  Previous Owner’s Comments:  “Honeybun was the constant companion and friend to a woman in her late nineties.  He never needed anything special for himself, but always put his friend/owner first.  At this point in his life, what he needs is attention and someone to love him and to see how special he is.  Honeybun loves to be petted and brushed; will show his appreciation by curling up by the fire with his new owner while each has a short nap.”  Very handsome boy.  Currently housed at our Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.  All the volunteers love HB!  Well worth a trip to meet this great guy.

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He was in the adoption area of a shelter but no one selected him.  Look at Ben’s cute face, he is the perfect size for medium dog.  He needs leash work and he is crate trained for short periods only.  Ben is calm and easy in the house as long as he gets plenty of exercise.  AND, he is very active when outside just like a dog should be!  He would make a great hiking companion for an active family or a family with kids to run and play.  He will make a wonderful family pet–he is a lab mix, so of course he will!  Ben needs to be the only dog in the household.

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Her unhappiness has made her a little persnickety–swipes and gently bites when she is done being petted.  However, in a foster home, she behaved much better and liked to be petted, was not aggressive, and loved her laser pointer.  Sometimes cats just don’t like a specific environment, but do great in another one.  She doesn’t really like other cats, so would probably do best as a single cat or perhaps with one other.  With time and some patience, Boo Boo LaRue will be a wonderful addition to your family.