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“Meet Bronx, he is a charmer! Look at how handsome he is! He is about 3yrs (bd estimate is 12/4/2013) he is currently 71 pounds – he could lose a pound or two lol.  Bronx walks beautifully on a leash.  Bronx is affectionate, obedient and loyal he is best suited as an only dog in the household, as he can be reactive around other dogs, especially male.  Bronx is tolerant of cats, horses and a variety of other wildlife. Bronx enjoys going for a nice walk, has good basic obedience and will benefit from continued training like all dogs. Bronx is well behaved at home, housebroken and crate trained, he is well-mannered even when left alone, content to just lay on his bed and snooze.  Bronx loves loves snow and sun and rolling in his back, he also likes playing fetch with his “Chuck It,” rubber whistle balls and also chewing on his Nylabone toy, however, his favorite past time is of course snuggle time.  More than anything, Bronx wants someone to cuddle with and call his own, at the end of an active day he will lay on the couch beside you or on the bed if you let him!

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As you can probably tell from the pictures, Popsicle is a pretty mellow dude.  At some point in his life, it’s obvious he was loved and had social interactions, but being left behind as a stray is not an easy life for an inside cat and, though friendly, it is obvious he would like to be in a new forever home.  Lucky for him he was discovered before anything bad happened to him.  Just look at those eyes.  Popsicle needs a home where folks will treat him as deserved, not let him to fend for himself outside.  He is currently in a foster home for some TLC, but will be returning to the Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in just a few days, so come by and meet him after he’s back.

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When I think of Zorro… I think of a tall horse and a masked man – but this little Zorro is a brave tri-colored, long-hair chihuahua, you can’t see that? We do!  His hair will make him so handsome once it grows back out and he will be a “devilishly handsome” little dude once again! He is just 2yo and 13 pounds. He loves to play play play so another playful dog will be a wonderful thing for him to have in his new home! This just in from his foster mom:  He is a bundle of energy, loves to chase the ball and loves to play with his toys which is what he wants to do all day.  He bounce around everything and wants to play bite so that may need a little work. Will either sleep with you or he is fine sleeping in his own bed, little nervous on a walk but will be much better after a few, I think he is just unsure where you are taking him. His fur is starting to grow back as he has gotten happy again.

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Lola–Poor girl, beautiful girl!  Original owner passed away after a hospice stay.  Wonderful  neighbors took her in, but then found out one of them had to have surgery and doctor advised no pets during recovery .  So Lola has found her way to us.  She is about 6 1/2 and she is declawed in the front.  While initially wary, she does warm up and loves to be brushed and pet.   She was adopted and they loved her, but they had a cat which Lola did not like, so she will probably do best as the only animal.  She gets along with all adults, but loves men especially.  She is re-settling in to EAPL’s Cat Adoption Center, which is located in Chow Down Pet Supply in Evergreen.

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Is Lolly not the most beautiful girl you have seen in a long time?  She is stunning!  You have to stop and do a double take – to catch that one black ear and black nose!  What a looker she is. She is about 3yrs old (we gave her a birthday of 4/25/2015) she is currently 48 pounds, she is spayed and up to date on her vaccines.  She passed all of her temp tests at the shelter with the other dogs. Kitties are unknown.  She is good with people – and children that know how to respect a dog’s space and not pull on ears and tails. Have you been looking for a great dog to add to your family? Put in an application to meet Lolly.

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Dolly is a sweet 10 year old.  From previous owner: “I am a small, green-eyed Brown Tabby girl with a lovely personality.  I love people and will follow you anywhere you go in the house, keeping you company. I adore my toys (particularly feathers and strings) and talk to you, when you talk to me. If you don’t say hello I will butt your hand with my tiny head until you do. If you brush me I will purr in appreciation.”  Dolly is not quite as loving in the Adoption Center as she is not real happy being there. I am sure she will revert to true form in a home. Currently residing at the Cat Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen.