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Rudolph is a 2 year old pit mix. (est bday of 4/13/17). Still learning new things and needs some basic training. He really LOVES his doggie brothers or sisters. Would do best in a family with other dogs. He is potty trained and working on crate sleeping. He loves to play and explore outdoors. He is great with kids. If you are looking to add to your pack this boy would fit  in fabulously. He is just a happy boy that wants to be around people and dogs. Please put in an application today


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Halo (aka Sam)

Meet Halo (aka Sam), is he a striking dog or what?  Wow what a smile!  You just know that he loves life and that he is a happy guy.  YET he was found as a stray, and no one came to claim him. And worse yet, no one went to the shelter to adopt him. Halo is 2yrs old so we gave him a birthday of (11/26/2015) and he is currently 60 pounds. The photographer said that Halo is curious, happy, and focused.  He will love learning new things and going on adventures with his new forever family. They are guessing his breed to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

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Lily is a sweet old soul! Her family left her behind and now is in search of a new one that can give her the love she deserves! Her eyes tell a sad story but that doesn’t stop her from being a happy dog! She wants to snuggle up and be close to her people as much as possible and if you give her a bone she will act like a puppy again! She doesn’t chew anything in the home, is house broken and does well on a leash and is mellow. She checks in with us regularly and stays very close. This poor girl has been through a lot and is timid and seems scared at times but very quickly learns to relax. She needs someone patient and willing to teach her what love is. Great with people but unsure of some dogs. Needs work for introductions and proper socializing.

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Sissy, she is about 6yo (we gave her a birthday of 11/4/2011) and she is about 9 pounds.  Sissy is a good mom. She is a little protective of her babies since she arrived on the transport but she tolerates her foster mom carrying them and holding them. Her tail is always wagging! Sissy (we are told from the transferring shelter)  is very sweet and gets along with other dogs, cats,  and older children due to her size and current her shy temperament.  We are sure once she settles we will see the same sweet loving little girl. Are you looking for a small dog to round out your family?

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Sherlock lost his home when his owner died.  He was the husbands cat, but the wife couldn’t keep him after he passed.  Very handsome, confident, big boy.  Sherlock was a well loved boy, but the family was too worn out from caregiving to keep him.  He has settled well into the EAPL Cat Adoption Center, hosted by Chow Down in Evergreen.  Be sure to stop by and give him a few pets.  Might just fall in love.

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Zeus, a handsome brown tabby boy about 10 years old, was at some point someone’s pet who was abandoned.  Same old story, just a new cat.  He’s a wonderful boy, a bit hesitant at first with so many big personalities around him at his new home; however he warms up fast – loves pets and treats.  No one deserves to be left behind; certainly he’s deserving of a wonderful new home.  Bloodwork looks great for beginning his senior years.  Think he’ll be a great lap cat once he has the opportunity.  Currently residing at EAPL’s Cat Adoption Center hosted by Chow Down in Evergreen.

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Maple is a beautiful Lynx Pt. girl about 3 years old.  Her previous shelter asked us to take Maple to better her chances for adoption.  She is calm and easy going.  As a stray, little is known about her past; yet because of her demeanor, we can be certain she was someone’s pet at some point.  Maple is in great shape for coming in as a stray.  She has settled well into the EAPL Cat Adoption Center, hosted by Chow Down in Evergreen.  Be sure to stop by and visit her.  You’ll find her in a sunny spot.