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Hi! I’m Shanti, I’m a DEAF heeler, 38 lbs, socially awkward, and a ball of loving, furry energy! I’m looking for my very own special person/people because as I’ve matured into a young lady, I can no longer live with canine sisters. I’m a very good girl, I know my basic dog commands and other commands via hand signal, I love nose work and long-line work.  I even volunteer for my city’s geese management program using a muzzle and long-line (due to breed tendencies and being deaf) and with mom of course. I know all about using a dog door, crate, halter, gentle leader, and muzzle.  I’m house trained and even know to ring a bell if the dog door is closed and I need to go out to do my business. I know to feel for floor vibrations or look at a flashlight as a “look at me” signal when inside.  I love car rides and new adventures! I really, really need someone who knows and loves everything about hard-wired working heelers ‘cause we’re pretty special and not everybody’s cup of tea.  So if you know all about heelers then you just have learn my deaf hand signals and I can learn about you-perfect match!


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Meet Sadie, a wonderful loving old lady!   Sadie was sadly surrendered due to her owner’s passing. But, never mind the sad part of this story, let’s focus on what a wonderful girl she is.   Sadie has hip dysplasia and a bad knee but, don’t let that fool you, this gal gets along pretty well and while she has good days and bad days, she has managed very well. Due to this, Sadie needs a home with little to no stairs for her to navigate on a regular basis and a home with carpet everywhere she will travel.   Sadie is a super sweet, calm pup but she will take a while to warm up to you, or anyone for that matter. When we have guests to our home, she will head into our bedroom and hang out in her bed. With loving encouragement, she will join everyone and warm up but it does take time. Once she warms up to you, be ready, she loves with all of her heart!  Like all wiggle butts, Sadie enjoys being close to her family but she has done very well when we leave her. We suspect that this is partly due to the other 2 boxers in our home. She will do very well with a companion pup so long as that pup is respectful and understands that Sadie is older and not looking for rough and tumble play.


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Bailey May

Meet Bailey May, she is a good girl. About 40 pounds of lovin’. We do believe she is a small pit bull mix. She loves her people and would do best in a household as the only dog. She LOVES to play, so an active household would love her!! FYI, she should be the only dog in the home as she has LOADS of energy and might bug a dog or two… Where are all of our active adopters? She is calling for you! She knows her name, can sit, understands no and is doggy door trained.  She is a HUGE snuggler/lap dog.  Loves to lay on the couch and sleep on the bed with her people.  Does well with chew toys but she gets bored easily.


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Fraser is a great little dog! He is about 10yo and 11 pounds. He is good around other dogs and seemed to be ok with the cat that hangs out at the vet clinic though cat exposure has been limited to that. He is house trained and will ask to be let out, he is also crate trained. He currently sleeps in his crate and goes in and out during the day at will (door is left open). He also does well on a leash. He can be somewhat hesitant to get around people but eventually warms up and loves to cuddle! Medical conditions: Cushing & Diabetes. He is stabilized! Numbers came back great today, he will need another curve test in 2-months.


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What can we say about Miss Zoey? She has finished a board and train program as she had a rough start to this world of ours. However, she is making leaps and bounds because she has had some stability and training! She is 5+ years old and about 60 pounds. She is a pretty mellow dog. She needs a fenced yard.  She was a diamond in the rough and has now become a true gem. She needs a place to go NOW. Can you foster or adopt her? Zoey is a sweet girl who is looking for her perfect home. She loves snuggles and pets and is learning how fun toys and playtime are! Strangers and new places can be terrifying, but she just needs the right family to be patient with her and show her that the world isn’t such a scary place. She needs to be the only dog in the home. She has learned lots of basics like sit, down, heel, and stay, but she is a little stubborn so needs some patience while continuing to improve her skills and build her confidence.


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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes is an 11 year old snowshoe cat.  His people moved and left him outside the house.  He was scratching to get in.  Isn’t that disgusting?  This boy is absolutely a great cat and deserves a great home.  He LOVES to sit in your lap.  As soon as you sit down, he walks right up in to your lap and sits there.  He gets along with other cats and I believe he will do fine in a home with dogs with proper time and introduction protocol.  As long as there are human laps around for him to sit and snuggle in, that’s really all this loveable guy wants.  Most of his teeth are gone, so be aware that small bit dry food and wet food must be his diet.  Currently in a foster home in Evergreen.  Complete a cat application on the rescue’s website – you don’t want to miss out on Blue Eyes.


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Monkey came to EAPL after being either abandoned or she was just a lucky stray.  Lovely lady, who manages to rescue many cats a year from a nearby park where folks tend to leave animals or they congregate because of folks feeding, happened upon Monkey who caught her attention as being in need of a home.  She is a beautiful, petite Tortie girl who is about 1 1/2 years old.

Initially Monkey was extremely shy after her move here – hiding under a bed, only venturing out after lights were off.  But eventually, curiosity and treats got the better of her.  She now spends her days curled up or playing with the other cats.  Monkey likes other cats and needs a companion.  Would do okay with older children who wouldn’t rush at them.  She is at EAPL’s Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen – complete a cat application at


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Tatum and Hayden

From the previous rescueTatum and Hayden came out of a group of cats a woman had been caring for.  She built an outdoor enclosure for them and they were well cared for and had cat trees, beds and boxes in the enclosure.  When the woman passed, the rescuer found 2 that were tame.  Hayden is about 6 years old and vetted.

EAPL Update:  Hayden is a bit more reserved, but still responds well when you talk to him and pet him.  These situations where folks have too many cats are heartbreaking.  While they were well cared for, none of these cats received the attention they deserved, so it’s reasonable to assume they will be hesitant and nervous upon arrival here and then in a new home.  As expected Hayden can be wary of new folks, but once he knows you, he is one wonderful cat who loves pets.  He is at EAPL Adoption Center at Chow Down in Evergreen – complete a cat application on the rescue’s website to meet her.


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Meet Jackie, she is a 1-2 year old 50 pound sweetheart. She has a good amount of energy and is sweet and playful. She does need a home that is aware that she is new to discipline and sometimes loud voices/noises turn her into a shrinking violet. We are working on manners, but she does know how to ring the bells to go outside to go to the bathroom and will go into her crate when asked. She loves toys (hard chew toy are her favorite)and running around the backyard, she does have a foster sister that she plays with sometimes but is also happy to keep herself occupied. Jackie is great with getting love from humans and likes meeting new ones at home, during a walk she is interested but doesn’t have to go meet them.


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Patrick has heartworm and has started treatment in his foster home. An adopter would need to commit to continue the treatment for the next couple of months, which will require, among other things, that he engage in very limited activity. The cost of Patrick’s heartworm treatment will be paid for by EAPL at Patrick’s current veterinarian in Arvada.